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january 2022 update

Although it’s been months after Hurricane Ida, in so many ways, the region looks like the storm came through a week ago. Members of our team spent last week in SE Louisiana, meeting with the Chief of the Grand Caillou/Dulac Band of the Biloxi-Chitimacha Choctaw tribe, and members of the Grand Isle, LA town government. These community leaders have been able to directly assist numerous families with the money you generously donated to our relief effort. Funds have been used for building supplies to re-build or repair roofs and siding torn open by Ida’s winds, to gut and rebuild interior walls saturated by Ida’s rains and riddled by mold, to meet medical needs, such as replacing critical care medical supplies in the immediate aftermath of the storm, and for the many day-to-day needs of people trying to recover and care for themselves and their families in the wake of the complete upheaval caused by Ida.


With unstable internet and electricity, surrounded by the ruins of neighboring homes and businesses, with many schools damaged or shut, and with so many basic needs still wholly unmet by the state and federal government, we were in awe of the positivity and tenacity of our partners facing such tremendous challenges. Please continue to think of them and thank you again for your incredible support.

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